Today’s secular Israelis do not define themselves as belonging to a Jewish community. Many young adult secular Israelis do not feel connected to Judaism or Jewish practice. Many take a passive role towards their Judaism and believe that the Orthodox stream of Judaism has the right and monopoly to define Judaism and Jewish practice for all Jews.

קבוצה תרבות עפולה4

In Israel today, there are groups of young Jewish secular adults, mostly youth movement graduates, who have chosen to live a holistic Jewish life style, interweaving learning, creating secular Jewish culture and social action toward Tikkun Olam. These groups are developing a model for a new Jewish secular community which places Jewish Renewal as an integral component to their lives. These groups have dedicated themselves to this lifestyle for the long term.

GRJ’s main goal is to strengthen Jewish Renewal in Israel by supporting the creation of a new model of Jewish Community. The groups participating in the project create and cultivate their own Jewish Communities, while at the same time developing local partners and facilitating various educational programs for children, youth and young adults throughout Israel towards a strong Jewish identity, Zionism, and responsibility for Israeli society and the Jewish people.

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