GRJ is a brand new initiative born out of the collaboration between the adult movement of Ha’Machanot Ha’Olim, Dror Israel, the Community Incubator, HaBonim Dror, HaShomer HaTzair, and Tarbut Movement. GRJ uses as its basis the activist groups that are growing within each of these frameworks toward the development of new secular Jewish communities. This initiative is aimed at strengthening the process of Jewish renewal within these groups, by supporting the creation of a new model of Jewish Community. The groups will create and cultivate their own Jewish Communities, while at the same time develop local partners and facilitate various educational programs for children, youth and young adults throughout Israel towards a strong Jewish identity, Zionism, and responsibility for Israeli society and the Jewish people.

קבוצה דרור ישראל1

Program Goals

  1. To strengthen Jewish Renewal by strengthening the connection between social activism, Jewish identity, intentional community building, Jewish culture, humanism and Jewish practice among group members involved in GRJ.
  2. The cultivation of a cultural-Zionist young adult leadership, aged 21-45, with a strong, holistic connection to Judaism, active in educational and community work across Israel, growing from the movements involved in GRJ.
  3. To expose youth and young adults (aged 16-35 not involved in GRJ) to Jewish Renewal and connection to humanistic values of Judaism, both within the neighborhoods within which the groups reside and nationally.
  1. The creation of a new model of cultural-Zionist activist Jewish Intentional Community, growing from the cooperation of the movements involved in GRJ.



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