Who Participates in the GRJ initiative?

קבוצה מחנועל נערן1

Approximately 400 young Jewish secular adults, organized in to thirty groups, who are members of the adult movement of Ha’Machanot Ha’Olim, Dror Israel, Rikma, or Tarbut Movement . These groups of young adults are committed to a communal way of life and social change through various educational programs. These groups of young adults, with 12-15 members in each group, between the ages of 21 and 40, live either in one large housing complex of in a number of smaller apartments close to one another. The groups reside throughout Israel.

List of groups participating the program in 2012-13: GRJ Groups 2012-2013


Background About Each Movement…


The adult movement of Ha’Machanot Ha’Olimלוגו מחנועל

 The adult movement of Ha’Machanot Ha’Olim, is dedicated to advancing social and economic justice in Israeli society. We believe that social change begins with ourselves. Living in small activist communities enables us to be a part of an ongoing process of “tikkun atzmi” (self-healing). In parallel, being part of a network of communities allows us to occupy ourselves with social action on a local and national level, towards “tikkun olam” (healing the world). We have created number of activist communities throughout Israel. We believe that education is the key to establishing a stable, long-term, peaceful, respectful, equal and just society. To that end, each activist community has established educational projects in its local area for children and youth as-risk and in addition, together, we run a number of national programs.


Dror Israel לוגו זמני מוסכם דרור ישראל

The Dror Israel movement is a social, educational, cooperative, Zionist movement that has established a new model for development in Israel: educators’ kibbutzim. This movement was founded by graduate members of the NOAL youth movement. Members of the Dror Israel movement strive to live their adult lives according to the youth movement values they grew up learning. As a result, upon finishing their collective army service as part of the Nahal brigade (Nahal is an abbreviation of Noar Chalutzi Lochem – Fighting Pioneer Youth), these members have chosen, as individuals and as groups, to establish educators’ kibbutzim, primarily in the Negev, Galilee, and cities on the social-geographical periphery of society. In these places, members base their adult lives on the values of equality, solidarity, responsibility for Israeli society, and social change through education.


Tarbut Movement
לוגו תנועת תרבות עברית

Tarbut movement is a new social movement founded 5 years ago whose vision is the reinstatement of values of social solidarity, equality, democracy and tolerance in Israel, and the establishment of the role of art and culture as a vehicle for social change. Our main mission is to establish a network of artist-educator groups who will live and work in peripheral communities throughout Israel and will become pioneers in implementing the vision of our movement for a better society (Tarbut Communities). Tarbut members, upon their discharge from the IDF Nahal brigade, continue to live in some form of cooperative-communal setting – working in the fields of education, art and culture in the community with children, youth and adults. Tarbut members also recruit, educate, train and prepare groups of young artists who will be the basis for future Tarbut Communities.


Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair

סמל יפה פשוט

The Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair adult movement is a Zionist social pioneering movement comprised of approximately 300 members, residing throughout Israel. The movement is active in the creation of an Israeli society that is just, advocates for peace and has a Jewish Democratic character. The movement runs many educational frameworks across Israel within which tens of thousands youths and adults participate. They run activities on leadership, social justice, Jewish pluralism and Jewish and Arab dialogue within a wide range of frameworks including schools, boarding schools, museums, heritage sites, youth movement, and youth centers for immigrant youth and youth at risk. The graduates of the movement live a communal and equal life style, based on the concept of the “equality of human value” where each person can express themselves within a commitment to making others happy.


The Community Incubator


The “Community Incubator” assists groups of young adults wishing to form communities in Israel’s socio-economic peripheries. In Israel today, it is the only model of its kind that focuses on pluralistic social-change communities, which are not part of adult movements (such as Dror Israel, Machanot HaOlim, Tarbut, HaShomer Tsair and others). The “Community Incubator” is designed to provide tools for community building that can strengthen Israel’s civic society and the sense of social mission, and focuses on three branches: A. Community building; B. Professional tools to create a high quality social change projects and C. Jewish thought and study.


Kvutsot Am 

Kvutzot Am is an adult movement established by graduates of the Habonim Dror youth movement in 1999.  These graduates have made aliya to Israel from different Jewish communities around the world out of a perspective of responsibility for the Jewish people and a commitment to making the State of Israel an exemplary society.  This commitment is expressed in their choice to join Israeli society and integrate through Hebrew learning, army service and social awareness, and through their educational mesimot (projects) which educate Israeli and Diaspora Jewish youth to strive for Jewish identity, Zionism, mutual responsibility and the “equality of human value”.  Today the movement consists of some 40 members, most of whom live in cooperative kvutzot (groups) in Haifa.

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